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  • BLUE SKY WHITE STARS painted the sky, as immigrants boarded ships to come to America in hopes of becoming citizens. The Statue of Liberty, also known as Lady Liberty, was a welcoming symbol of freedom to 12 million people as they passed through Ellis Island between 1892-1954 in hopes of beginning a better life in the United States. The corner of the flag, with blue sky and white stars, has 50 stars that represent each state of the union.   

  • CLICK HERE to learn more about Ellis Island

  • CLICK HERE to learn more about the Statue of Liberty

  • What do the words Blue Sky White Stars apply to?  Could you use these words to describe any of the other pictures in the book?


  • RED ROWS and WHITE ROWS make up the thirteen stripes of the American flag, representing the original 13 colonies. The colors are said to symbolize white for purity and innocence, red for hardiness and valor, and blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

  • WHITE ROWS of wagon trains moved people westward on the Santa Fe and Oregon Trail. Some trains were up to 200 wagons long, with nearly 2,000 cattle and 10,000 sheep. This dangerous trek usually took a family 4-6 months to travel.

  • CLICK HERE to find out more about Wagon Trains

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